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Captain Ella Dorsh is tough, skilled and… screwed.


She is pretty sure that the enemy is leading the game

and that war is going to reach the surface very soon,

but humans are not ready yet.


The Underkingdom is impoverished and its population of dark elves wants to conquer the world and rule.

Ella and the other “Reborn Divisions” are the only real chance to fight the enemy on the same level…

elves against elves to spare precious human lives.


However, nothing is as simple as it seems and darkness hides more than Ella had ever imagined.


The story is set in our world in a near future.

It has some sci-fi and dystopian elements

and a strong female lead that will kick your ass!

She had decided to close her love in a box, to hold it captive while waiting for a better moment to set it free… but she had never stopped feeding it. It had outgrown its prison and it had escaped at the first chance, blowing up in her face with all the power of a time bomb set on the wrong timer.

Ella Dorsh


Isn’t it death, the faceless nightmare creeping on you every second of your lives? The ticking of its sleepless clock counting every heartbeat, dragging you closer to your last one? Isn’t it death, the pressure you feel over your chest, smashing through your thoughts, as your hair grows white and your skin rots wrapped around a decaying body?

Harold Svarthar

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